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3 Warm Paint Colors and Where to Use Them

3 Warm Paint Colors and Where to Use Them

Have you been considering new paint colors for your home or office?  If so, perhaps you have been thinking about warm paint colors that will add character, comfort, and class to your home or business environment.  As you probably know, the paint color options on the market are immense; however, we have narrowed the field for you by listing 3 favorite warm paint colors below.  You may find that one of these color options is the perfect choice for your next paint project, or perhaps one of them will strike an idea of your own color choice.

  1. Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball: This brilliant, deep, rich shade of red is an unforgettable color that can be used in several different locations. As a front door color, it welcomes visitors to your home.  It would also look very elegant on a bookcase, or as an accent wall, as well.  Contrasting colors, such as white, cream, or black, will make Rectory Red stand out above all other colors.
  2. Wolf Gray by Benjamin Moore:  If gray is the color that you have in mind for your home or business, then this semi-dark, warm shade of gray may be a wonderful addition to your property.  This rich shade of gray may be too dark for some people; however, if used appropriately, you may be surprised by the warmth that it exhibits in a room. Wolf Gray would envelope any ceiling area, front door, shutters, bedroom, dining room, or den.  It truly is a unique color option.
  3. Holly Leaf by Olympic:  Think of the rich, deep green of an evergreen holly bush, and that is exactly what you will find in this dramatic, yet warm, paint color. Holly Leaf works wonders in the kitchen, a bathroom, dining room, an office, or a bedroom.  This is a timeless color choice that compliments a variety of home décor settings.

If you are thinking about using a warm paint color choice for your next paint project, then maybe one of these great options is the paint choice for you. 

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