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How to Clean Painted Walls

As a caretaker of your home, you know that there always seems to be something to clean, fix, or replace around your home.  There are always dishes to be done, trash to be emptied, clothes to wash, dusting to do, and so many other things.  One area of your home that you may not give too much thought to, at least until it becomes unavoidably dirty, is the surface of your walls. 

The walls in your home collect dust particles over time, and those particles can become very visible, if they are not regularly attended to, with a thorough cleaning.  Also, walls can become scratched, marked, or get smudges on them, and these marks can also become unattractive, if left unattended.  We have ideas for how to clean the walls in your home.  With a dedicated cleaning, you may find that your walls can be transformed to a like-new appearance, which is a pleasing sight for all to see; however, if many years have passed since your last painting project, you may find that you have some areas that need repainting, at some point.

As you prepare to clean the surface of a wall, you will probably want to move any furniture away from your work space.  You should also remove items that are hanging on your walls, and any other fixtures that are in close proximity, too.  Additionally, you may wish to lay some towels or a tarp along the floor area, in front of the wall that you are preparing to clean.

Once you are ready, use a dry dusting cloth, or cheesecloth, to clean the entire surface of your wall.  Once the dust is removed, then wipe the wall with a sponge that only has lukewarm water on it.  Plain water should remove almost any dirt that has built-up along the wall’s surface.  For stubborn stains, you can add a drop of dish soap to the water, and apply to the wall with the sponge.  If soap is used, then follow the cleaning with a sponge that is free from soap, in order to remove all residue, from the surface of the wall.  Harsh chemicals and degreasers should be avoided, if possible, because the harsh substances can be damaging to the paint.

You may be amazed at the transformation that a good cleaning of a wall can provide, and it may even help to prolong the time period between complete painting projects.  Cleaning the walls of your home should be done periodically, in order to provide the best results. 

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