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At Noel Painting we are a persistent bunch.

Refusing to cut corners is one of our most persistent business philosophies. We exist to serve our esteemed customer base and we do everything in our power to keep the high standards that we have worked for so hard to achieve. Whether we are talking about a simple house painting task or an excessive painting job that includes interior painting and exterior painting, we are confident that we have what it takes to not only finish the task that our customers hired us for but do it with flying colors, achieving the exact end result that they have dreamt about.

Punctuality and Expertise

In our humble opinion, every service that can be considered high quality will carry certain characteristics among their core values. Punctuality and diverse expertise will almost surely be two of those values, regardless of what field of expertise are we talking about. The same is true about painting. Sure, without the skills punctuality would not mean too much, but when those two standards meet like they do with our service, you will end up with something that will pass the eye test and will be lasting as well. We firmly believe that our service is one of those businesses where you can be sure that you will get a certain quality, and you will get that quality for a competitive price.


Expertise is the no.1 most important criteria, may be followed by the quality of the equipment. They say that a truly skilled expert will do a great job no matter what tool they have available, but even if that’s true, quality is not the only important measure of success. If you have two companies, both being able to provide a very similar quality and price, you will still want the one that can get the job done within a shorter timeframe. We are living in an age where everybody works with strict deadlines and while this can be frustrating at certain times even for us, we try to look at it as an inspiration, allowing us to dig deeper and perform to the best of our abilities under pressure.

Request Your Free Quote Today

If you need a top notch house painter or a bigger team for some excessive work, please do not hesitate to contact us and request your free quote. We will do a free on-site estimate, making sure that we can come up with a course of action that will be satisfactory to you.