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Exterior Paint Colors That Pop

Exterior Paint Colors That Pop

     Paint colors inside and outside your home can be elegant, subtle, bold, or playful.  In this Spring and early Summer time of year, many people are looking for a way to brighten up their outdoor space by adding a pop of color around their home and throughout their landscaped areas.  Some strategically placed bright, fun colors can add to the personality of your property, similar to the colors that are seen on the blossoming flowers all around us in this time of year.  If you are considering adding a pop of color on the outdoor surfaces of your home, then perhaps you will find inspiration from some of the color ideas that we have listed below.

     Valspar paint company has created some exciting paint options that will add a popping color to any exterior door, bench, planter, swing, trellis, furniture, or any other exterior surface that will benefit from a distinctive, fresh coat of paint.  From greens to yellows to purples, blues, and so many other color options, there is certainly a color that can complement the attractive surroundings around your home.

     One popping color that may be of interest to you is pink.  Valspar’s Hint of Cherry (1004-1B) is a beautifully, bright, warm shade of pink that can add appeal to almost any outdoor surface.  For a much lighter shade of pink, then perhaps you may be more interested in Valspar’s Quilted Heart (1004-3C).  This muted shade of pink is more of a bright pastel color option that can transform any outdoor surface into a conversation piece.

     If blue shades of paint are more your style, then perhaps a light and airy sky blue may interest you.  Out of the Blue (5004-9B) is Valspar’s answer to this attractive exterior color choice.  Summerhouse Blue (4008-5C) is another blue option by Valspar that might pique your interest.  This shade of blue is calm, muted, and very rich in color.

     There are many other bright color options available on the market that can add a popping style to any exterior surface.  Have fun with your paint colors, as you transform your home into a place of interest and unique style.

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