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What Causes Failing Paint on Your Home?

failing paint

Fort Myers is in a Beautiful Climate, but these Natural Conditions will Often Cause Issues for Your Home

Fort Myers, like other Florida cities, has a climate that is rough on paint. The heat, humidity, rain and storms limit the life of exterior paint, no matter what the quality and how well it has been painted. Quality paint on a surface like stucco can last 10 years, and on wood, commonly 5 to 7. Florida’s bright sun bathes paint with ultraviolet rays, which over time can affect the composition of the paint and cause cracking and blistering. Cracks can admit water, which causes further problems.

Paint is subject to a number of kinds of failures. Paint can blister. It can crack. Paint can sag, it can turn yellow, it can peel and flake. Failed paint looks unsightly and can actually reduce a home’s value. More than that, paint protects a home’s exterior, and paint problems can lead to other problems, particularly with wood siding.

Why Could Your Paint Be Failing in Ft. Myers?

The impact of nature is an important factor in failing paint in Ft. Myers. But there are a number of human-caused paint failures, too. Homeowners who try to save money sometimes try to do paint on the cheap, buying cheap primer and cheap paint. Poor quality primer is an inferior base for paint and it will not adhere as well to the painted surface. Cheap paint does not cover surfaces as well and has inferior resistance to the tough Florida climate. Sometimes saving money leads to only one coat of paint, which is likely to fail quickly.

Painting done in poor conditions, or not allowed to dry properly can also cause paint to fail. Painting done during cool or humid conditions may fail. Paint applied to surfaces that are not completely dry may fail. Sometimes “professional” painters don’t do an adequate job. This can result from poor training, or from cutting corners on primer and paint quality. They might do a poor job of scraping the surface and other preparatory steps, in order to get it done faster.

The best way to avoid these problems is to hire professional Fort Myers painters who know what they are doing. Investigate a company’s reputation and arrange to see some of their work. Contact us today at Noel Painting. We are the experienced painting company with an outstanding reputation!

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