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How to Brighten Up a Room with Paint

How to Brighten Up a Room with Paint

  There is almost no other activity that a person can do to brighten up a room like repainting the walls, or at least a part of, a room.  Repainting all of the walls, and the ceiling, is of course the most transformative action, but there are many other paint-project ways that you can brighten up a room, too.  Projects like painting one wall, or an accent wall, or painting the trim work, can make a huge difference in a room that appears dull and drab, into a room that is bright, crisp, clean, and airy.

     If you walk around the various rooms within your home, and you suspect that a room feels run-down, warn-out, or out-of-date, then one easy, simple, and not too expensive, way to enhance the room is by picking out some new paint shade, buying the paint, and getting the room painted.  Yes, there is a little work involved, in terms of moving around the furniture, repairing holes and nicks in the walls, and prepping the space that is to be painted, but the results can be remarkable and transformative in a way that you might not have even imagined before now.

     As you begin your research for the paint color choice that you will use to brighten up your dedicated space, there are a few things that you might want to consider.  You could easily choose to paint the space the same color that is currently on the painted area.  For example, if your dining room was painted a golden tan about 10 years ago, you may be more comfortable with repainting the walls with the same color, or with a color that is very similar.  This may be the best option if you have purchased furniture that matches the golden tan color, and you are not prepared to replace all of the dining room furniture right now.  However, don’t be afraid to “think outside the paint can” and try another paint color that will also be complementary to the furniture that you currently have in the room.  If you believe that you are not equipped with the creative gene that allows you to find other complimentary colors, then perhaps asking someone else for their opinion about the dining room paint, will be a beneficial plan for you.

     The main goal here is that, no matter what paint color you decide to choose, nothing can brighten up a dull room like a fresh coat of paint.  Fresh paint erases all nicks and crannies that develop on older paint surfaces, and provides a room with a nice clean and crisp environment.

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