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How to Fix Common Paint Issues

how to fix common paint issues

Anyone who has ever painted their home has experienced the disappointment of seeing brush strokes, drips, or stains after spending so much time and effort working. The good news is there are incredibly simple fixes for many of the most common painting issues you might see. Follow these tips to cover up on how to fix common paint issues that might be apparent in your paint job.

Fixing Brush Strokes

Brush strokes can really stick out in a paint job – especially on wood finishes. The cause is generally due to soaking your brush in too much paint. Thankfully, getting rid of them is fairly easy. First, you should sand the area with the brush strokes. Then, simply repaint the area. Doing this should get rid of any brush strokes without having to repaint the entire surface.

How To Fix Peeling/Flaking Paint

Flaking and Peeling is usually due to moisture building beneath the paint, or to the paint being applied on a wet or damp surface. Either way, it can ruin your paint job.

In order to fix peeling or flaking paint, you should use a scraper to remove the flaking paint. Next, sand the area until it is very smooth and fine. Then, you should do your best to smooth the point at which the painted area meets the sanded area in order to avoid these lines being emphasized once you repaint. Lastly, simply prime the area and then repaint.

Fix Paint Drips

Dripping is probably the most common error amateur painters experience. Paint dripping is almost always caused by painting with too much paint on your paintbrush, so avoid overloading your brush in order to avoid drips. If your wall has obvious paint drips, you should begin removing them by scraping off the drips. After this, you should sand the area until smooth then repaint the affected area.

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