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How To Get The Best Result And Still Save Money Without Cutting Costs


How to Get the Best Result and Still Save Money Without Cutting Costs

Painting projects, whether for a business or a home, is the most cost effective way to give your space a new makeover/ feel! Although it is cheaper than replacing flooring or cabinets, etc, painting can be incredibly daunting due to costs and time. Paint and all of the tools needed to get the job done can add up on your wallet rather quickly. This is why we have compiled some advice on how to get the best painting results and still save money without actually cutting costs.

Have a plan

It is so easy to walk into a home improvement store and buy on impulse. In order to cut costs, it is very crucial to be organized before you shop. Collecting paint samples is a sure way to get your excited, impulse shopping out of the way before heading to the store with a tight list of tools, square footage, and exact paint colors.

Look for sales

Do your research before jumping into a large paint project. Home improvement stores often hold big sales a few times a year. Keep up with paint brands and the paint store of your choice to see when they are running special promotions.

Use a paint calculator

This is probably one of the biggest money saving tips we can give! Most of the time, extra, unneeded costs go towards extra paint that wasn’t needed. To avoid buying too much paint, use a paint calculator. Ensure that you have enough paint left over for future touch-ups. Take into account the number of coats that you will need to fully cover your walls.

Hire a professional

This may seem more expensive upfront; however, this will save you time and money later on. A professional will ensure that the job is done right the first time, eliminating future touch up costs. Also, a professional will already have all of the needed tools.

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