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Paint Color of 2022 from the PPG Company

Paint Color of 2022 from the PPG Company

Are you ready for a new paint color that can add warmth, charm, and peacefulness to your environment? If so, then the paint color of the year from the PPG company may be just what you are looking for to transform your setting into a place of welcomeness and serenity. Olive Sprig (PPG 1125-4) is a creamy, dreamy shade of green that evokes a warm feeling, unlike any other paint shade. It was chosen as PPG’s color of the year because of the calming sensation it can evoke, which is especially important during this unusual pandemic world we all live in right now. Perhaps a warm, organic shade of gray-green paint can lighten our moods and envelop us into a world of calmness and hopefulness.

Olive Sprig can be used as interior paint or exterior paint. Whether you are thinking about enhancing the outdoor curb appeal of your home or if you want to transform your kitchen, den, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or some other area in your home, then Olive Sprig may be the perfect choice for you. This particular paint shade is sure to brighten up any room within your home, and it can easily become a conversation starter when visitors come into your house.

Olive Sprig is described as a “mid-tone, neutral, lush green with an organic green undertone.” The PPG company offers a palette of complementary paint colors that will blend well with this unique and sought-after paint choice. A few complimentary colors include PPG’s: Antiquity, Ancestral, Candlelit Beige, Oyster Shell, and Oceania. Many other shades of paint blend nicely with Olive Sprig that you may check out at your local paint supply store or online, as well.

There is little doubt that many people in the world right now are seeking peace, calmness, and a sense of stability due to the many challenges that we currently face. If you are thinking about enhancing your surroundings to evoke a feeling of security and calmness, then the paint shade of Olive Sprig may be an option for you to consider. It is a beautiful, warm color that can add great appeal to your environment.

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