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How Does A Painting Company Get Ready To Paint A Large Commercial Structure?

A Fort Myers painting company contracting to paint a large commercial structure starts like any painting project does: with a plan. The size, location, height, environmental conditions, and the kind of construction are all part of formulating a plan. A steel structure will use a different kind of paint than masonry or brick. A filling station imposes different conditions than a big-box store or a high rise residential building.

The painting company will check for any regulations pertinent to the site, file required permits and arrange for post-painting inspection, if required. Painting a commercial structure will also involves working closely with owners and occupants of the building so as to be as little disruptive of employee, tenant or customer routines as possible.

The plan will assess what kind, colors and amount of paint will be needed. In Florida, it means paying attention to weather patterns, and probably actually doing the project in a favorable dry season. The contractor inspects plantings and lawns and plans how to avoid harming them during painting. The contractor will also carefully note the presence of such features as power lines and trees.

The surface areas to be painted will be inspected. The surface will almost certainly need some cleaning, perhaps just pressure washing. Some projects may require sandblasting or use of some other abrasive means of cleaning the surface. Preparing a structure for painting will involve treating entrances and windows with care. Inspection sometimes reveals defects in the structure itself that may require attention before painting can begin.

Proper equipment in safe condition is required, and employees must be properly trained to use it. Scaffolding or other equipment may be required, and will be set up before the painting begins. Other equipment may include aerial lifts, snorkel platforms, safety ladders, drop cloths and the actual painting tools of paint, sprayers, rollers and brushes. Then the painting begins.

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