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Three Lovable Paint Colors and How to Use Them

People everywhere like to find ideas that will help to spark new design options for home decorating projects.  From home additions, to updating fixtures and appliances, and to refinishing areas of their home with new design patterns or paint ideas, people can find decorating suggestions on television, in magazines, in home decorating shops, and online.  Below, you will find three inspiring paint color ideas, filled with current paint colors that are unique and interesting.  Perhaps one of these suggestions will spark a decorating idea for you, for your next painting project.

  1. Voyage by Behr: Voyage is a beautiful color.  Voyage is described by the Behr company as being a soft gray color, with definite light blue undertones and perhaps a little bit of lilac.  It is a warm blue that can be used in multiple rooms throughout the home.  It would work well in any bedroom, bathroom, and even in a kitchen area.  It is also a color that is complimentary to many other paint colors.
  2. Koral Kicks by Sherwin-Williams: Sherwin-Williams describes this paint color as being a very light red-orange blend.  It can be used as an interior or as an exterior paint color, and it will definitely stand out, unlike other pale paint color options.  One user of Koral Kicks, who has a front door in the paint shade, says, “It stands out against the sage siding, calls attention to our cute front porch, and, during the holidays, makes decorations look even better”.
  3. Olive Rush by Valspar:  Olive Rush is described as being a “light, airy, and calming” paint color.  It works beautifully on walls, and ceilings, throughout the home and blends nicely with a wide range of home décor patterns.  Due to its’ warm characteristics, it remains a subtle shade of paint that is not overbearing, yet still makes a very distinctive presence within your home.
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