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Painting Your Garage

Painting Your Garage

Although the garage is a section of your home that is often used, it is rarely a room that homeowners generally put much decorating thought in to, much less creative decorating thought.  However, if you are tired of the drab unfinished or dull garage walls, then perhaps repainting the walls of your garage is a project for you.

Painting the walls of your garage can really spruce up this understated area, more than about any other activity.  If you spend any time in your garage, or if you have visitors that enter your home through your garage from time to time, then paining the garage walls will not only be a practical project, but it will be a fun one, too.

The first step to painting garage walls is to make sure that the walls are clean.  Garage walls tend to attract dirt, pollen, insects, and other similar types of elements.  Unclean walls will interfere with the absorption of paint; therefore, clean your garage walls with a shop vac or by wiping them with a water and soap combination.  These cleaning methods should be sufficient in obtaining a clean wall surface.

The next step is deciding to prime the walls, or not.  Applying paint primer will allow the paint to adhere to the garage walls more evenly and intensely.  If you decide to paint directly onto the drywall, without priming the walls, then the paint can absorb too quickly and may be uneven in appearance.  This could end in a poor result.  There are several good primers available on the market, and they can be found at your local paint supply store.

Additionally, unless your garage is temperature controlled, remember to apply paint in temperatures that are above 50 degrees.  This will allow for ideal drying conditions.  It is also best to paint on days that are not too moist or humid, as well.

Garage walls do not need to be dull and unfinished.  Instead, this area can be as colorful and as functional as you, the homeowner, decides is best for your personal preference.  Make it your own and create a distinctive garage space that is unique to your own lifestyle. Contact Noel Painting to get started on your garage painting project!

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