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Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red?

Roses Are Red

Have you ever heard the poem, “Roses are red, violets are blue”? It’s a very catchy poem and many variations of the poem have evolved over the years. If you have ever been one to consider that roses are always red, then you may be in for a surprise to learn that there are at least 24 shades of roses. The rose is a very poignant flower. There are many stories that are related to the rose and many people affiliate certain rose colors with certain characteristics. If you are a lover of roses, then you are aware of the beautiful appearances of the rose flower. If you have a favorite color, then one way that you can transition that color into your home is to find a matching paint color to use for your next home paint project.

Of course, there are red roses, but there are also pink roses, yellow roses, white roses, orange roses, purple roses, and many variations of the color combinations, too. If the red rose is your favorite, then maybe the paint color Red Rose Bouquet by Glidden is a good choice for your paint project. This deep, rich red paint looks beautiful on a front door, or in a dining room, bedroom, or other places in your home where you want a color that stands out and has a bold appearance.

Rose Mist by Benjamin Moore is a lovely, light pink paint that resembles the faint pink color of a fresh rose. This paint option will brighten up any space within your home where you want to add a bit of blush color to the area.

Dulux makes a bright yellow paint called Yellow Rose that may be a great choice for your yellow-themed paint project. This bold, brilliant yellow paint color is unmistakably beautiful in the room of your choice.

Amber Rose by Valspar is a widely-used option for a paint color that resembles the coral colors of the orange roses. This vibrant paint color choice is warm and spicy, and will stand out as an excellent color choice for some areas in the home.

Last on our list, is the purple rose color option called Rose Purple by Behr. If you are a fan of all things purple, then this gorgeous shade of purple will be very appealing to you. It is a soft, welcoming color that will add a gentle color to any area of your home.

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