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Spruce Up Your Home Without Painting

Spruce Up Your Home Without Painting

Spruce Up Your Home Without Painting

As the winter holiday season approaches, you may be thinking of some ways to enhance the beauty of your home as you prepare to have friends and family come over for a holiday visit. Although you may need to repaint some walls in your home, you may find that you have time constraints or budgetary issues to consider for now. If you want to jazz up your home’s interior a little bit, but don’t have the time right now to do a paint project, then there are other things that you can do to make a significant impact in your home. For some creative ideas, read through the list below. You may decide on a thing or two that you can do to spruce up your indoor setting without much trouble or expense at all.

  • Clean your painted walls with a bit of soap and water. Quite often, painted walls can look dull and dingy due to fingerprints and scuff marks that are visible. With just a little bit of cleaning, you will be amazed at how attractive your walls will become when the smudges and marks are removed.
  • Add temporary wallpaper to any room in your home. Temporary wallpaper is just that; it is temporary. If you’re looking for a way to change the ambiance in any room, then a quick wallpaper addition can do the trick. The positive thing to remember about temporary wallpaper is that when you are ready to paint at a later date, you can easily remove the wallpaper to begin the painting project.
  • Add or move hanging art or photographs in a room. You can pick up some new framed art at a home supply store and change the attractions in the room very quickly. You can also move wall art from one room to another room within your home. When you move things around, people may notice the art in the new space that they have never noticed in other parts of your home.
  • Hang tapestries, oriental rugs, or large fabrics on a wall. A fabric hanging on a wall will change the scene in a room completely. It will also help to cover up a wall that you feel needs to be painted at some point.
  • Place wall decals on a wall that you think needs a little covering. Wall decals can be purchased online or at home supply stores. There is a wide variety of wall decals available on the market. They can be applied and removed easily.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to enhance the beauty of your home without having to rush into a full-scale paint project right now. If you enhance your home for the winter holiday season, then you can save the painting project for next spring season. These are just a few ideas of how you can spruce up your home as you enjoy time with family and friends over the next couple of months.

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