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The Accent Wall

The accent wall is just that; an accent.  It is a wall that is painted a varying color from the rest of the room, and it draws your attention to it.  Often an accent wall is a color that is a favorite color of the homeowner, or it might be a dark, or unusual, color, that would have seemed too harsh to use on all four walls in a room.  If you are thinking about painting an accent wall in a room of your home, then continue reading below for some of our ideas and suggestions, first.

The first thing that you might ask yourself, is which wall to choose to use as an accent wall.  Typically, it is best to choose a wall that is bare and does not have multiple openings, such as a door, or a window.  An exception might be a wall that houses the fireplace or built-in bookshelves, as an accent wall will help to accentuate those features, instead of distract from them.

It is also important to consider the paint choices that are being used within a room.  Usually, an accent wall blends nicely with other walls that are of similar color, or are of a neutral base.  For example, an accent wall that is dark green, might seem harsh when parred with stark white walls, but it may blend nicely with walls that are cream, tan, or gray in shade.

Additionally, some people may choose to paint two accent walls within the same room.  This style works well in a bathroom, a bedroom, or a playroom.  When painting two accent walls, in the same room, painting walls that are opposite from one another is typically the most attractive method and design.

One last thing to consider, is the furnishings that are going to be used in the room that is painted with an accent wall.  Often, people will match some of their furnishings, such as a sofa, a chair, a planter, a rug, a throw pillow, or some other item, with the colors on the accent wall.  Using colors that compliment one another is a nice way to highlight the paint color that is used as the accent, within the room.

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