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Think Pink

Think Pink

Think Pink

If you have ever seen a Starbucks’ Pink Drink, then you can imagine the creamy, light shade of pale pink mixed with bright, bold slices of rosy-colored strawberries. The color pink is a blend of red and white, and depending on the predominant color that is involved in the mixture will determine the beautiful shade of pink that is displayed.

Pink paint can be a lovely color to use on many interiors and exterior paint projects. From pale, light pink shades of paint to brilliant, bold shades, you will find a lot of variety in this magnificent color option. If you have been searching for a pink paint color to use for your next project, then you may find one of the suggestions below is the paint color for you. The paint options we’ve listed are just a few samples of a large selection of pink paint options. 

  1. Paisley Pink by Benjamin Moore: Paisley Pink (1261) is a delicate, light shade of pink paint. This color looks beautiful and peaceful in a newborn’s nursery, a playroom, a bathroom, or many other areas inside your home. This pink shade of paint is combined with light gray additives, which gives Paisley Pink a slightly purplish color. This paint option is a classic choice that provides style and charm to many indoor settings.
  2. Cheery by Sherwin-Williams: Cheery (SW6584) is a bright, cheerful paint shade that adds character to a room. This pink paint option is considered a medium shade of paint. It has red undertones that provide a bold appeal to this unique pink shade. The paint color Cheery can transform a bedroom, playroom, or commercial property setting unlike anything else. The color resembles a piece of bubble gum or a freshly-made circle of cotton candy. If you are looking for pink paint that has a distinctive color, then Cheery may be the pink for you. 
  3. Positively Pink by Behr: Positively Pink (TI8-01) is a gentle, mature, sophisticated shade of pink. This pleasing and attractive light blush pink can be used on an array of surfaces indoors and outdoors. It adds a beautiful background to a bedroom, living room, dining room, front door, and so many other places. Positively Pink blends nicely with other colors within a space, such as white, gold, silver, and tan. It is an attractive color that is soft and subtle.


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