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What Do You Need For Residential Painting?

You need two things for residential Fort Myers painting. The first is a plan. The second is a proper set of tools to carry out your plan.

The plan is basic. What do you want to paint, when will you paint, and what color and kind of paint are you going to use? Suppose you want to paint the walls of a room. If it’s a kitchen, child’s bedroom, or a bathroom, you may want a high gloss paint that resists stains and that’s easier to clean. You’ll also need to measure the square footage of the area to be painted, so you know how much to buy.

You will need some protection. Plastic sheeting covering furniture will protect it from spatters, if you can’t move it out of the room. Canvas ground cloths will protect floors. Painter’s tape can protect trim. You’ll probably need to clean the walls, maybe scrape off some of the old paint, smooth the walls and fill any holes. So you’ll need a scraper, sandpaper and hole filler. Once clean and dry, you’ll need a good quality primer. You can get advice about this at your paint store. You’ll need paint, but before you buy it, take a swatch home and see how it looks in the light in your home. Your paint store can also help with this.

To do the actual painting, you’ll need one or more rollers and roller trays. If the area is large, a 5 gallon bucket to mix the paint in may be a good idea. Buy more paint than you actually need, so you can do touchups later. Get an extension pole for the roller. You’ll need a couple of small brushes for corners and trim. You will probably need a safety ladder if your walls are high.

Planning, preparation and the quality tools are what you need. And maybe some good advice from your local paint store.

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