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Painting in
St Petersburg, FL

We are Noel Painting; a family owned and locally operated house painting service in the St Petersburg area.

When we started our business many years ago, we wanted to offer something that we felt was not present at the time. Our goal was to become a top notch, but at the same time approachable business that can not only offer some of the highest quality services available, but does it for a competitive price. We thought that this business conduct would be welcomed in the area and fortunately, we were correct. That much is confirmed by our repeat customer rate, which is one of the highest in all of Florida.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Service

If you live in Florida, there is a fairly good chance that you can find several painting services within your immediate vicinity. When we are asked why our service stands out, what makes it a “no brainer” choice for our esteemed customers, certain arguments usually made. Our reasons include certain qualities of our business. Professionalism and punctuality are two of those reasons.

Not the only ones, but probably the most important ones. We feel that our business embodies these values. Whether you need an interior painting service or a single house painter who knows how to get a smaller job done, we are confident that we’re the company to call.

We feel that the most important reason why the customers lean on us not just in the short term, but as a long term solution as well, is because we can truly understand what it is that they are looking for. From the moment we arrive to their property to do a free estimate, we do everything in our power to understand their vision, even when we are talking about the simplest of painting jobs.

Our Service In a Short

We don’t believe in making half measures. If a wall is not ready for the work, it is not ready. The end result can only be ideal if we put in the work during the preparation. When you look for a top notch exterior painting service, you want to deal with experts who will not only know what to do and how to do it, but will be willing to correct someone else’s previous mistakes. We are not just thorough when it comes to our working process, we are also punctual. We want to do a great job and we do everything in our power to do a great job, but it is important to keep the agreed upon deadlines, and we would not have it any other way.