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Painting In Sanibel, FL
Commercial and Residential Painting

Noel Painting is a well-known name in the painting industry.

It is known for being as most reliable and trusted company in Florida. With more than two decades of painting experience, we are suitable for any painting job for any commercial or industrial project. Every person in the team is committed to providing the best service to the customers. The owner Travis Noel has been in business for 20 years and has worked as a painter, supervisor, estimator, sales rep, and now business executive and hence he understands all the ins and outs of the painting industry.  Not only him, but the whole team consists of professionals who are empathic with the needs of the customer. They give the right estimate for the job and define the scope of work in a very succinct way so that the customer is aware about all kinds of expenses and problems.

Noel painting has handled the following projects and is capable of handling many more.

Our Customers Include:

  • Hotels and Condominiums
  • Low- to High-Rise Buildings
  • Shopping Plazas and Malls
  • Restaurants, Banks and other Retail Businesses
  • Airports, Schools, Courthouses, etc.

Free Estimates

Noel Painting offers free budget estimates on the site itself. We do not believe in hiding the costs from our customers and hence all the prices and suggestions are quoted upfront only. We also suggest if any kind of changes are needed to ensure that every crack and every surface is taken care of. This includes exterior painting in Sanibel as well as interior.

Fixed Price

Our prices do not change with time or midway in the contract. Whatever is quoted in our offer is the final price that the customer will have to pay.

Quality Painting Service

Water and sun take quite a high toll of the buildings in Sanibel. This means frequent maintenance and constant need for touch up. Quality service ensures that the painting that is done is long-lasting paint. We at Noel Painting Service make sure that the surface is adequately cleaned and the painting job is of the best quality, so that the paint lasts much longer than others.

Minimal Disruption

Painting a house or a commercial complex causes a huge disruption in the daily schedule. In residential projects, it means adjusting the schedule according to the schedule of the painting crew, while in professional case it means a stop in the operations. With our timely schedules and advanced notice, we ensure that disruption is limited to the minimum possible. With all kinds of benefits and quality service, Noel Painting is your best bet for exterior painting in Sanibel as well as other services in and around this area.