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Hiring Professionals for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling patterns, also known as popcorn ceiling, is a spray type treatment. This texture resembles cottage cheese and is specifically used to cover the constructed walls of your ceiling. You may come across the need to remove the popcorn ceiling in your house for redecorating purposes or to check if the ceiling has asbestos. Keep it in

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The Proper Way to Remove Wallpaper

Many people decorate their homes with wallpaper, but the wallpaper does not last forever. Depending on different factors, the wallpaper is changed after one or two years. If you want to apply a different wallpaper or paint, you first have to do a little extra work to remove the old wallpaper. It is not difficult to remove

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What Type of Paint Finish is Best for Your Décor?

If you are considering how you want to repaint that one room of yours, you’ve probably found yourself wandering through the paint section of a home improvement store, trying to picture that perfect room in your head. While you look at swatches, however, there might be an important factor you aren’t even considering: what kind

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What to Look For When Prepping to Paint

Painting the walls and roof of your room is a hectic task because you have to consider numerous things to avoid any accident. It is important to properly plan before any painting task, and it all begins with prepping to paint. Before starting to paint, you should remove furniture from your rooms. Make sure to

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What Your Front Door’s Color Says About Your Personality

The front door is the entrance into your house, but it also serves as a portal into your personality. Have you thought about painting your front door a different color? Well, the color you choose could expose a lot about who you are. To emphasize, Kate Smith, national color expert of Sensational Color, shared, “An

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Paint Brushes vs. Paint Rollers

Finally about to tackle that painting job that you have been putting off? Have you picked out a color and are now trying to decide the best tools to apply the paint to a particular wall / area? Which is better, a paint roller or a paint brush? Both? We are here to help! Both

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How Paint Color Affects the Resale Value of Your Home

Believe it or not, the color of your interior and exterior paint could affect your house’s selling price. A first impression is everything when a potential buyer walks into a house. If the décor and backdrop (the paint) aren’t up-to-date and appealing, your house may be on the market for a lot longer than expected.

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Interior Painting Mistakes Everyone Has Made Without Realizing It

Are you a DIY painter? Have you completed multiple painting projects? Are you pretty confident in your painting abilities? Well, unless you have followed all pertinent steps, you may be making some common interior painting mistakes that you aren’t even aware of. Here are the some of the most common interior painting mistakes that everyone has

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