What Your Front Door’s Color Says About Your Personality

The front door is the entrance into your house, but it also serves as a portal into your personality. Have you thought about painting your front door a different color? Well, the color you choose could expose a lot about who you are.

To emphasize, Kate Smith, national color expert of Sensational Color, shared, “An entry door painted a bold shade of orange says ‘I’m friendly, fun-loving and enjoy getting together with people’ so that’s the color for an extrovert — and perhaps not the best choice for someone who has a more reserved personality.”

Let’s take a look at what other front door colors may disclose about you to passer byes or guests as they enter your home:

Gray – Some may say you have an uptight personality. You love things to be in order, not in chaos or clutter. You appreciate ironed clothes and the beauty of subtlety.

White – You are very organized, clean, and simple. Some would say you are a perfectionist who can’t stand it when people color outside of the lines.

Green – You take a traditional approach to life and care about the community around you. You are also good with your finances.

Bright Green – You crave love and security. Relationships are extremely important to you.

Yellow – You are both logical and creative. You like to walk the line between being your own person and pleasing others. You look at life with a positive attitude. Are you a morning person?

Traditional Black – You are reserved and conservative. You don’t like change, prefer order, and don’t waiver for trends. You enjoy simple elegance.

Red – Do you like to get noticed? Red is a very welcoming color. It shouts bold and shows confidence. It also expresses that you are a go-getter who experiences life to its fullest.

Blue – You have a very contagious personality and people love to be around you. You are good at standing your ground and not giving in to peer pressure. You are true to yourself.

Purple – Those with a rare purple door are considered “free-spirits.”

Wood – Traditional wood finished doors symbolize a person is down to earth.

Glass – If you have an all glass door, you are an open book with nothing to hide. This also means you are very outgoing.

As you can see from reading above, painting the front door of your house is a great way to express your personality. For more information about painting your home, contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting today!

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