The Proper Way to Remove Wallpaper

Many people decorate their homes with wallpaper, but the wallpaper does not last forever. Depending on different factors, the wallpaper is changed after one or two years. If you want to apply a different wallpaper or paint, you first have to do a little extra work to remove the old wallpaper.

It is not difficult to remove old wallpaper because you can do this with some simple instructions. You should consider the type of wallpaper to refinish all walls. In some conditions, you can work without removing the current wallpaper by papering over one single layer of well-adhered and smooth wallpaper. The old wallpaper should be free from wrinkles, buckles, and bubbles. You have to do some prep work, such as re-paste any loose paper, patch significant areas and clean the walls. You may have to apply a special primer. Here are some ideas to properly remove an old wallpaper:

Prepare the Space

Before starting work, remove drapes, curtains, outlet covers, switch plates and artwork from walls. Carefully place all drop clothes under the first wall before spraying it. Turn off the power from breaker or fuse box.

Prepare a Solution

You have to heat water on your stove in a kettle and fill a sprayer halfway with water from the sink and fill another half with hot water from the kettle. If you want to remove difficult wallpaper, you have to add fabric softener. You will need 1:1 mixture of fabric softener and boiling water.

Spray Your Walls

If you have to remove difficult wallpaper, you may have to use a scoring tool on the walls for maximum saturation. It is smart to first check a small section to determine if you need a scoring tool. Your walls may score too hard and harm the surface.

Swap the lid and carefully pump the sprinkler to push the solution. If you want to remove a small area, you should wait for almost 15 minutes, until the paper starts to bubble. If you want to remove the wallpaper of the whole room, you should start with the initial wall after spraying the entire room.

Carefully Remove Wallpaper

You can use a wide putty knife to start scraping the wallpaper and focus on bubbling and seams section. Recently applied wallpaper to walls will come off in whole or large sheets. Old wallpaper on drywall or plaster can be difficult to remove.

Replicate Whole Procedure

Boil more water to make a solution and carefully saturate your dry walls again. Carry on scraping and replicate these steps as per your needs to completely remove the wallpaper. If you are unable to remove wallpaper with these steps, you can rent or get a wallpaper steamer from any hardware store in your area. It is best to use a gas-powered steamer because electric steamers will take a longer time.

Clean-up Residue

To remove any residue, you will need large sponges to completely wipe down all walls. Now spray walls one more time with fresh water. Let the walls dry for almost 2 – 3 days before taking further actions. After three days, you are ready to paint your walls or decorate them with patterned wallpaper.

This is a brief description of how to properly remove wallpaper. For professional wallpaper removal or for more information about painting your home, contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting today!

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