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Can And Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

Can and Should you Paint your Garage Door?

Garage doors play a huge role in your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. After all, they take up a lot of room on the front of your house. As first impressions and curb appeal in turn play a huge role in the market value of your home (who you get further than the front door), garage doors are a key element to any home. According to the Remodeling Impact Report put out by The National Association of Realtors®, improvements to a garage door has one of the biggest returns to a homeowner. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary or possible to replace your garage door, so the question pops up of – can I paint my garage door? Well the answer is – yes! We have compiled some things to keep in mind though, if this is the route you decide to go.

Play the Prominence

When making the decision to paint your garage door, the color you choose will affect how prominent their presence is in your curb appeal. A rule of thumb is to never choose a color that isn’t already a color included in your home’s exterior color scheme.

If the garage door itself is not the most up to date and you are freshening it up with new paint, consider blending it with the trim as to not allow it undue attention. If your home already has many colors, consider painting the garage door the same color of the house. This can eliminate any “choppiness” and even make the home appear larger.

If your garage door is something you want to draw extra attention to, painting them a darker color (that ties in with your current exterior colors) can help it stand out in a beautiful way.

Type of Door

Wooden garage doors will have a different process than an aluminum or steel door. Both are paintable, however! A wooden door will need to be sanded down to remove previous colors before a primer is applied. This all comes before the paint itself. With a wood door, you could either use paint or a stain for a more natural finish.

A steel or aluminum door will require high-quality latex paint. As metals shift and expand with the weather, it is recommended not to paint aluminum doors in extremely cold, hot, or wet weather conditions because they won’t dry properly. This will leave the paint looking cracked or faded.

It’s a good idea to consult with Noel Painting if you are planning on painting your garage door, since there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before starting this project. This will freshen up the look of your house!

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