kitchen and bathroom remodeling How to Make it Look Brand New on a Budget

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel, How to Make it Look Brand New on a Budget

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are extremely expensive, and are often beyond the reach of many homeowners. There are some things you can do to make your kitchen and bathroom look new. Start by putting down on paper what you want to change, then browse the internet for ideas. Decide on a budget; you can do more with $1,000 than $500. One thing common to both areas is color. Paint and a little imagination will make a huge difference. Consider a satin or semigloss paint for both rooms.

Current Trends

Current trends are white or grey bathrooms. White gives a sense of space, and grey can make a space seem calm. A neutral color with white accents can be an interesting touch. Whatever colors you choose, remember that different shades of the same color can make an appealing palette. These touches can be coordinated with the colors and textures of towels, bathmats and other features. New faucets are not expensive and can change the look.

Other Elements that Can Change The Look

Another element common to both rooms is cabinets. If your cabinet boxes are sound, consider new doors. These are inexpensive and can quickly create a difference. Painting existing doors can make them look new, particularly if combined with new fixtures—the door pulls, hinges and other hardware. A good quality paint with a satin finish will make all cabinets look fresh.

Make Small Change

Consider small changes in lighting. Pendant lights can be an interesting accent in kitchen spaces. Small area rugs can add color accents in kitchens. New sink hardware can rejuvenate a sink, and a colorful splashboard can add another accent

Remember that a new look in either room is a total effect, and the most basic element is color. Small rugs, wall hangings, small changes in lighting, coordinating towels and appliances, all these things contribute to making a bathroom or a kitchen look new.

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