Sleepy Hollow by Sherwin Williams

Sleepy Hollow by Sherwin-Williams

Sleepy Hollow by Sherwin-Williams

Are you looking for a paint color that is calming yet bright? Peaceful and inviting? If so, then the Sherwin-Williams paint company may have the choice for you. Sleepy Hollow (SW 9145) is a beautiful paint color that is described as a cool purple shade of paint with just a small touch of red undertones. The result is a unique shade of paint that is noticeable and subliminal at the same time. If you want to use a paint shade around your home that will be a conversation starter, then Sleepy Hollow may be the choice for you. 

Sherwin-Williams’ Sleepy Hollow is suitable for a front door paint project. The color will welcome family and friends, and it will look attractive on your home throughout all the seasons of the year. The color will add depth to a stairwell or foyer, and can also be used in the den, living room, home office, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or even on a porch or porch ceiling. If the color is too much for all the walls within a room, you may decide to use Sleepy Hollow as an accent paint. You might choose to paint one wall in a room or use the paint color as an outline paint along door frames, window frames, or along the baseboards.

Sleepy Hollow blends nicely with many other colors in a space. It will compliment tan, gray, black, white, darker shades of purple, blues, and many other colorful options, too. If you want to pick up a sample of the Sleepy Hollow paint, you will find a Peel-and-Stick option at your local Sherwin-Williams shop. With the use of a paint sample, you can see what the color will look like in your chosen room. The Peel-and-Stick samples are repositionable so that you can try them in various spots around the room, as well as view the color in different stages of lighting, too. 

If you are searching for a unique paint color that is nice, appealing, and versatile, then you may want to check out the unique paint color of Sleepy Hollow by Sherwin-Williams. It is a beautiful color that people can enjoy for many years.

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