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How the Color Scheme You Choose for Your Bedroom Affects Your Sleep

How the Color Scheme You Choose for Your Bedroom Affects Your Sleep

Having trouble sleeping at night? The color of your room may be playing a huge factor! You may have heard that different wall colors create different moods; the same applies to your bedroom and how you sleep. So, what are the best colors to get the best rest?


This may be the best color to slap on the wall in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Blue is linked to calm, soothing feelings and is also noted to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Those with blue walls in their room have been shown to get nearly 8 hours of sleep a night with the best type of rest, waking up feeling happy and positive.

Green and Yellow

Not a fan of blue? Don’t worry! Green and yellow fall as close seconds to blue when it comes to getting a good amount of sleep.


If you are wanting any sleep at all, purple is a NO GO. Save purple for your office as it is incredibly stimulating and can cut nightly hours of rest to less than 6!

Grey and Brown

These two colors also get a low rating for bedroom colors as they are too dreary and depressing.

If you are wanting more relaxing hours of sleep at night, calm down the mood of your room with a blue or green painted wall! For expert advice or for a Free Quote on residential painting in the Fort Myers area, contact the professionals from Noel Painting today!

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