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Painting Your Beadboard Ceiling

Painting Your Beadboard Ceiling

Beadboard is a type of paneling material that has the appearance of narrow, wooden planks.  It is a material that can be used throughout the home, and is often found in the kitchen, as a backsplash, or as a wall covering, or on a ceiling.  Some homeowners will use beadboard as a ceiling material, either in a kitchen, a front porch, or in a covered porch area.  

Beadboard is especially attractive, because it provides a classic, timeless, calming environment and adds great visual appeal to your outdoor living space, or to any area inside your home, where you have chosen to use beadboard for your ceiling.  Beadboard ceilings are often painted white; however, they may be painted in a variety of colors.  A painted beadboard ceiling will add to the definition of a room or a porch, and also adds character to the space, as well.

If you are considering having your beadboard ceiling painted, then hiring a professional painter may be the best process for your project.  Due to the tongue and groove texture of beadboard paneling, it is important to apply paint to the surface evenly and thoroughly, in order to avoid excess paint along the indentions.  A meticulous paint application will provide a uniform appearance that will make the beadboard burst with appeal and with pleasing results.

Latex paint is often the paint of choice that is used for beadboard ceilings.  As you know, there are a myriad of paint colors that can be used for the project; however, most painted ceilings tend to stay on the lighter side of things.  For example, a covered porch area may have a light blue, or turquoise, shade of paint.  This pale color may resemble the blue hue of an open sky.  Some homeowners may choose to paint a beadboard ceiling a rich cream color, thus providing a warmth to an area, that may otherwise seem stark and sterile.

As with any ceilings within your home, the color choices are plentiful.  From white, to blush, to blue, green, tan, and many other colors, you have a fun, and interesting, decision to make regarding the color of your beadboard ceiling.

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