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Paint Ideas for Your Home Library

Paint Ideas for Your Home Library

    As a fortunate owner of a home library, you most likely want to make the most of this respected and desirable space.  A home library, just like any room within your home, should be true to your particular tastes and interests.  Whether you want to create a library space that is light and airy or one that is sophisticated and elegant, then taking the detailed steps to ensure the desired ambiance, is something that should be done methodically and wisely.  The paint color on the walls of your home library can play a big role in providing the right atmosphere for your library space.

     For folks who are interested in a light and airy library space, then consider painting the walls a light color.  Light colors tend to brighten up a room, which will be conducive to a library that has a lot of windows, bright-colored furniture, and is going to be used as a casual working, reading, or relaxing environment.  Pale colors, whether cool or warm in tone, can be used.  Pale blues, tan, olive, ivory, gray, or some other similar color option should work.  Choose a color that is complementary to your existing library furniture, wall hangings, carpets/rugs, and other décor items.

     Some people are interested in a darker, more classic home library setting.  Deep rich blue walls, or warm gray, dark tan, or dark greens are popular choices.  These paint colors tend to work well with darkened book shelves, heavier furniture, dark rugs, wall hangings, and so forth.  If you plan on using colors that are warmer and darker in color, then it will also be beneficial to choose your lighting options wisely.  A library is typically meant to be used as a place to read, ponder, write, work on the computer, or some other calming activity, and having plentiful light sources is very important for the usefulness and the function of the library.

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