Color Schemes

3 Types of Color Schemes for Your Home

If you want to change the look of your house, a good idea is to play with different colors. You can select a color that suits your life, your style, and rooms.

However, choosing the right color and stylistic direction can be difficult. Start by selecting a color scheme to make your work easy. Read below for the three types of colors schemes for your home.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

This type of color scheme is all about using only one color. The goal is to explore the subtle distinctions of tone, shade, and tints. You can create a cohesive look without worrying about decorations. This particular color scheme is great for homeowners that want to keep the colors of their home simple.

Analogous Color Scheme

If you want to get the advantage of this color scheme, the object is to choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. In analogous color schemes, you can use different shades and tones to create a multilayered effect. If you want a soothing look, you have to choose lighter tints. A saturated version of colors can increase the liveliness of your room.

Complementary Color Scheme

You can decorate your room with a complementary color scheme by selecting colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. This extreme contrast of colors can make your living space exciting and vibrant. You can explore the lighter tints of harmonizing color and match them with the same color of high intensity. This color scheme allows you to decorate your child’s room with beautiful colors.

After decorating your room with the perfect color scheme, you can use complementing accessories. You will need comfortable furniture, wall art, and other items. You can combine medium, light and dark shades to decorate your room. A helpful tip is to always consider your child’s favorite color before selecting a color scheme for their room. Once you have that figured out, whichever color scheme you choose will offer amazing results.

Choose what color scheme is best for you and your home. For professional assistance with your residential painting projects, contact the Ft Myers painting experts from Noel Painting today for more information!

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