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Dangers of Lead Paint

The Dangers of Lead Paint on your Walls

By now it is common knowledge that lead is a dangerous substance with harmful health effects, but before this substance had been researched fully it was used as a main ingredient in paint. For this reason many older homes were painted with lead paint, thus exposing the people who lived in these homes to significant health risks.

The practice of adding lead to paint became banned in 1978, but many homes and businesses still have lead paint on their interior or exterior walls.Some lead paint will not cause any harm if it is still in good condition, or removed entirely, or painted over. However, if the paint is peeling, broken or beginning to break down you could be at risk. You are most at risk if you inhale or ingest contaminated dust from lead paint, paint chips, or debris from paint being sanded or peeled away.

Homes and businesses that were built before 1940 are at the greatest risk for having lead paint on their walls and should be tested, as well as homes built between 1940-1960. There are companies devoted to testing for this paint that will come in with an x-ray device and can detect any lead present in your interior or exterior walls. Additionally you can send in paint chips to a laboratory to be tested or purchase an at home testing kit. While having a professional come in will be the most accurate way to know, it is the most costly option.

If you suspect that lead paint is on your walls, you should get them tested. The dangerous health effects from being exposed to lead paint are as follows: headaches, muscle and joint pain, digestive issues, problems with reproductive organs, high blood pressure, infertility, and memory issues. These risks are serious and if you begin to detect any symptoms you should consult a doctor. Kids are at a higher risk than adults for lead poisoning and if they are exposed greatly they might suffer from developmental problems, learning disorders, and behavioral issues.

It is important to keep you and your family safe by having your home tested for lead paint, having it professionally removed if it is present, and doing your best to avoid exposure to the toxin. Your expert Fort Myers Painters from Noel Painting are available to remove the dangerous paint from your home and protect your health. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!

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