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Why & How To Prevent Paint Bubbles

Prevent Paint Bubbles on the Walls of Your Home

While painting might seem as easy as putting paint onto a brush or roller and applying it to the wall, if you want it to be done right and look clean you may have to put more time and effort into your painting project than you had originally anticipated. One common problem that amateur painters run into is paint blistering, also known as paint bubbles.

Paint bubbles can appear tiny while the paint is still wet, but if they are left untreated they will dry into larger bubbles, craters, or cracks in the paint that will ruin the look of your freshly painted wall.

So what causes these tiny bubbles in the paint to form in the first place? There are a few reasons that bubbles can form in paint but the most common reason is that air got into the paint from being shaken. Low quality paint can also form bubbles in it so make sure you pick paint that will make your project easier and not harder. Another reason for bubbles is using the wrong tools or techniques. Take your time while painting, don’t rush, and consult Noel Painting for the best brush and rollers to use for your specific project and wall type. 

If bubbles have managed to find their way onto your walls during your paint job they may go away on their own, however, you may need to adjust your paint technique or tools to prevent any extra bubbles from forming. Additionally you should avoid painting in too hot or dry of a room as this will cause the paint to dry faster before naturally formed bubbles have a chance to pop on their own.

Bubbles that popped after the wall has already dried and formed into craters can be a hassle and unfortunately the only way to get rid of them is to paint the area again. Luckily though bubbles usually only form in one or a few small spots and you can just touch up those areas, rather than having to start over and paint the entire wall again. You will need to sand the specific spot until the bubble is gone, go over the area with primer, and then paint the wall again.

To avoid having to redo your handy work due to bubbles make sure you take the proper steps to avoid bubbles in the first place. Use high quality paint, take your time, and use good technique and tools. You can also have a professional like Noel Painting do it for you. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!

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