Granite Dust

Granite Dust

Granite Dust

Granite Dust (Valspar 5006-1C) is a remarkably attractive paint color that is offered by the Valspar paint company. This peaceful color is described as a “cool gray with subtle undertones of green”. Granite Dust is a popular-selling paint color and can be used as an interior paint or as an exterior paint color. It is available as a house paint or as spray paint, as well.

This cool-toned, gray-green paint shade is a color that tends to change in hue throughout the day. Depending on how the light reflects off of the paint, depends on the shade of color that is visible to the eye.

Granite Dust is a neutral color that adds calmness and stability within a room, while also adding a bit of personality. It can be used in almost any interior space, including the; bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, home office, foyer/entranceway, or laundry room. It can also enhance a sunroom/porch area, too. This well-balanced color choice is versatile in almost any situation.

Valspar offers this color option among many other color options, too. Granite Dust is complementary to other neutral paint colors, as well as to the bolder color choices, such as orange, blue, purple, red, black, and many other colors.

If you are interested in using this color within your home, and you are looking for a paint that is durable, fade-resistant, and will resist scuffs, then you may be interested in Valspar’s Reserve brand. Valspar’s Reserve brand is one of their best-selling paint options and may be well worth your investment for the long term.

Of course, your options for paint colors are practically endless, as is your choice of paint company brands; however, for many people, the paint color options are very daunting and overwhelming. If you are looking for a reliable, beautiful, and practical paint color to use throughout your home, then Granite Dust is certainly worth an investigation. If you check it out, then you may find that it is the perfect choice for you, or you may find another close color that rocks your imagination.

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