Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Green With Envy

When used correctly in a home, the color green can promote feelings of cleanliness, vibrancy, and security. The color green is often associated with a color in nature, such as in green grasses, green trees, or the greenery on the houseplants around your home. If you have been contemplating a new paint color for your next paint project, then perhaps one of the many shades of green paint is worth your consideration. You may create an indoor space that will make your visitors “Green With Envy” when they walk into your newly painted room.

As with all paint colors that are available, you will find a wide assortment of green paint shades from which to choose a color for your next project. For some green ideas, you may search online or find a home décor publication for some interesting suggestions.

One green paint color that you may want to consider is called Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams (SW 6204). This light shade of green paint will look wonderful in many rooms throughout a home. It is a soft, muted shade of green that can appear warm and cozy, or fresh and airy, depending on the room’s décor and the lighting that is available in the room. Some experts refer to this paint color as a chameleon color, because it seems to adapt to the furnishings within the room.

Another green paint shade that you may want to consider is named Avocado Whip by the Behr paint company. This paint option is a creamy, dreamy green paint shade. This color is a bit bolder than the previously mentioned Sea Salt. It will brighten up many spaces within a home, and will add richness and character to a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom, or a porch.

If you are on the search for an even bolder, deeper green paint color, then perhaps Palace Green by Benjamin Moore is a good pick for your project. Palace Green is a hunter green that resembles a classic appearance for all to enjoy. This paint choice may be used for an accent wall if you think this shade is too dark for all of the walls within a room.

The color green is a fabulous paint color that offers brilliance and character to many areas in a home. For some homeowners, the color green resembles the beauty and liveliness of nature. Whether you are interested in a light green paint color that is bright and cheery, or if you would like to create a classy, dark-toned setting, then you should have no problem finding the perfect paint color for your purpose.

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