how paint color choices can affect your utility bills

How Paint Color Choices Can Affect Your Utility Bills

How Paint Color Choices Can Affect Your Utility Bills

Are you tired of a high utility bill? Are you trying to make your home more energy efficient? Did you know that a new paint color could increase the efficiency without having to spend thousands on new appliances? Believe it or not, the colors of your home can significantly impact your utility bill. The same concept of not wearing dark colors on hot days applies to your home’s walls and ceilings as well.

The biggest area of heat reflectiveness vs. absorbency of different colors is on the roof of a house. If you have a black roof, more heat will seep into your home because the color black absorbs heat. A white roof on the other hand is the least heat absorbent as it deflects the sun’s heat allowing your home to be cooler.

The same concept goes for interior paint colors. If one room is painted black and one room white, the black room will be considerably warmer. This is the case because the black walls and/or ceiling are absorbing the heat from the sun outside where white walls are deflecting the heat.

So how does this affect the energy efficiency of your home? Well, just as paint absorbs or reflects heat, it also absorbs or reflects light – a light colored room reflects light where a dark colored room absorbs it. With this, it takes less light to illuminate a lighter-colored room than it would a darker one. You would need less light (and energy) as well as heat (and energy) in a lighter colored room.

Pick your paint colors wisely! You may be spending more money on utilities than you need to.

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