How to Remove Fingerprints and Scuff Marks From Your Walls Without Removing the Paint

Every home ultimately ends up with scuff marks and fingerprints on doors and walls. If you have children in your house, these marks will be thick around thermostats, light switches, and doorknobs. It is tough to remove these marks and fingerprints from the wall.

Unfortunately, all paints are not waterproof, and a light scrubbing can remove the paint along with the fingerprint. If your walls, cabinets, trim and door are painted with semi-gloss or gloss paint, they can bear mild scrubbing, and you can clean it easily. Eggshell paints may endure some scrubbing, but are similar to flat and stain paints that are not easy to clean. If you want to clean fingerprints and scuff marks from the wall, you can try the following ideas:

Water and Ammonia

You can use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge to clean your wall with a mixture of water and ammonia. Mix almost 1 to 2 cups ammonia in some warm water. Scrub walls gently in circular motion and let it dry quickly.

Baby Wipes

You can use these wipes to remove fingerprints from painted walls gently. They are effective at cleaning the walls of your home with a light touch.

Magic Eraser

You can use this eraser in a circular motion. You can use it to remove fingerprints and scuff marks from a painted wall.

Alkali Solution for Soiled Walls

If your walls are heavy soiled, you can use strong alkali solution. You can make this solution with the help of following ingredients:

  • Warm water: 1 gallon
  • Non-sudsing (clear) ammonia: 1 cup
  • White Vinegar: 1 cup
  • Borax (washing detergent): 1 cup

This solution is good to clean your heavily soiled walls. Start by mixing these ingredients in a bucket. Also fill a separate bucket with clean water to rinse the walls. As you go through the process of washing the walls, change the water if it appears dirty.

These are some simple DIY options for removing fingerprints and scuff marks from your walls without removing the paint. For professional assistance with your residential painting projects, contact the Ft Myers painting experts from Noel Painting today for more information!

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