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Tips On Choosing A Color For Your Nursery

Tips On Choosing A Color For Your Nursery

Painting your newest addition’s nursery is a huge milestone in the process of getting ready for the big day. Picking a color for the bedroom is a very important decision and something that you shouldn’t just slap on your wall. Not only is there a lot to consider when it comes to the room itself but also the feeling you want the color to give off when you are in the room.

One of the most important things to think about when you are picking the color for your nursery is the room itself. Small rooms or rooms that don’t have a lot of natural light will benefit best from a light color which will open up the space and give it the illusion of being well-lit. A large room or a room that gets a lot of natural light will be more flexible and can get away with darker tone.

If you are obsessed with dark colors but you are working with a small space, you can bring in those tones with a well-placed accent wall. This will add depth to the room and will make the room a little more detailed. If an accent wall isn’t your thing you could also implement the dark colors throughout the room by using curtains, furniture, or bedding.

One great way to pick the color for your nursery walls is to first pick a theme or a style that you want the room to be and work around that. If your vision for the room is a gorgeous floral theme you can pull colors from that like pink and blue. If you are leaning towards an elephant theme that could mean blue and grey colors. Picking a theme first will give you a good idea of which colors will work best for the nursery.

Another thing that can help you to find the perfect color is to first find the fabrics for your room. There is nothing more frustrating than painting a room and then finding the perfect bedding set and they just don’t match. A much easier way to go about it is to find a bedset that you love and then picking a paint color that matches that.

When choosing a color, you should also think of two colors that will work well for accent colors. There should be one primary color and two accent colors in order to complete the room and you should follow the rule of three which means to implement the same color three times in the room to pull it all together.

Any color that you put on the wall should be a color that can change and grow with the child meaning that a yellow room could be cute right now but a toddler might want something a little less gender-neutral. You might want to consider stepping away from the traditional colors and opting for something that can grow with the child like a mint, navy, or coral. You can bring in the classic baby colors with accents that can easily be switched out as the child gets older.

The most important thing to consider when you are picking the color is the effect that it will have on yours and the baby’s moods. Some calming colors include blues, purples, greens, pinks, and any earthy tones. Calming colors are the best ones to use in a nursery because they will allow the child to get more rest and will also make you more at ease when you are in there enjoying your new bundle of joy!


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