What Colors and Color Schemes are Trending in 2017?

What Colors and Color Schemes are Trending in 2017?

What Colors and Color Schemes are Trending in 2017?

Keeping in mind the color trends which were popular in 2016, here are some top colors and color schemes which are expected to remain influential throughout 2017.

  • Red and Pink Color Scheme

The red and pink color scheme will continue to be amazing. Pink colors will show up in a wide range of shades while bringing up the natural tones in the form of cherry blossoming paints. Also, red will catch the viewer’s attention and will exist in the range of classy red to brown red.

  • Oranges

Oranges will again mark as the most sophisticated shade with the highlights of copper. The shades of amber, clay, rosewood and russet will remain major trends.

  • Yellows

In 2017, you will see yellow paints everywhere, which will enhance the concept of renewal and bring out the most refreshing look while pushing forward the trends of color paints from yellow-green and pure green shades to honey, creamy and banana hues.

  • Blues

Again in 2017, Blues will remain as the strongest pigments ranging from the cerulean to blackened blue, thus preserving the prevalence of a wide variety of blue hues in various design styles.

  • Greens

You will find greens pushing forward to the new blends. From lush grassy greens which remain in use during the spring, to the strong pine greens, khaki, and highland greens – all of these will continue to strengthen out the depth of green shades this year and will be used in alluring combination to form unique designs.

  • Purples

Purple paints have remained prominent for a long time and will continue to amaze us again in 2017. There will be tremendous variety in its shades and create the formidable combinations for unique industrial wall designs. Purples will display the shades which will be either in blue or red overtones or with the touch of violets and indigo. Lavender and Mauve will again present to be the decent pigments.

These colors and color schemes are certainly trending to start the new year. It will be interesting to see how everything progresses as the year moves along. To receive professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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