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Paint Ideas for Your Closet

Paint Ideas for Your Closet

If you are considering a paint project for your master bedroom closet, a kid’s closet, a linen closet, a storage closet, or some other smallish space, then you may want to put some consideration into the paint color before you do anything else.  Consider the purpose, and the feeling that you wish to create, in the closet that you plan to paint.  For example, are you wishing to paint your closet in order to spruce up the place, so your closet will shine for home-reselling purposes?  Or are you tired of the same drab color that you have in your closet and are looking for a way to make it pop and appear intriguing to you and to anyone else that may see it?  Whatever your purpose is for repainting the interior of your selected closet space, perhaps you will find inspiration from the ideas that can be found below.

-Neutral paint colors:  Colors such as white, tan, gray, or some other basic, neutral color, is always a good option for a standard, practical paint choice.  A light, neutral color also makes the stored items in the closet appear bright and easily visible.  Items such as clothes, toys, and cleaners, are easily detectable when placed next to light-colored backdrops, such as closet walls.

-Warm, jewel-like paint colors:  Paint colors such as teal, lavender, jade, and rose, can make for a beautifully warm and inviting closet space.  These colors can seem particularly elegant when paired with a chandelier in the closet, or some other similar lighting that seems to dazzle, or dance, within the interior space.

-Dark paint colors:  Dark colors, such as olive, brown, charcoal, or even black, can also create an interesting closet environment.  However, if you decide to use a dark paint color, you will probably want to increase the light sources within the closet, because dark walls will not reflect light as easily as light-colored walls do.

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