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If You’re Painting Your Entire House, What Order Should You Paint The Rooms?

If You’re Painting Your Entire House, What Order Should You Paint the Rooms?

Did you just move into a new home and want to cover up the ugly paint color choices of the last owner? Wanting a fresh look without purchasing new furniture? If you are about to dive into an entire interior home paint makeover, we have a few tips to help speed up the process. 

We suggest either painting before moving any furniture in or moving the existing furniture and covering it with drop cloths before even starting the project. This will help keep the room open, furniture protected, and save time! Next, we would recommend that you calculate how much paint you think you will need to cover the square footage that you are trying to paint. Planning ahead for the amount of paint will save you the time of running back to the store to get more. Before you start applying paint, we also recommend that you tape all ceilings, window seals, door frames, etc. throughout the entire house and lay down drop cloths. 

The next is up to you. You may choose to tackle the project by painting one entire room at a time or by type/ color of paint. We recommend that you start with the biggest areas first and work from top down. Big areas include walls and ceilings. Start with painting the ceiling and then move to walls with no interruptions. From there, finish walls that have architecture such as door frames, etc. After the big areas are finished, then moving on to painting the trim. This will ensure that you don’t have to wait a million hours for the woodwork to dry before moving on to walls.

These tips and tricks will help make painting your entire house that much easier! To receive professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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