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Painting Your Ceiling Something Other Than White?

Painting Your Ceiling Something Other Than White?

The ceiling of a room is a large aesthetic feature that is often over looked and unthought-of when it comes to painting. Choosing and committing to a ceiling color can completely transform a room. Here are some strategies that will help you consider white vs. other colors for your ceiling to get the feeling you want.

White Ceilings 

This is the most common color for walls, trim, and ceilings. It is classic and safe. It also won’t have you repainting every few years. The advantages of white paint? It makes ceilings seem higher and brighter than they really are. Paired with white walls, the room is more open. Lastly, it is great when you have architectural features that you want people to focus on, such as crown molding, as the eye is immediately drawn to the ceiling line.

Matching the Walls 

The next idea would be to match the ceiling paint color to that of the rest of the room. This creates a rich atmosphere that makes the room feel complete. Having an endless plane of color is also very soothing to the eye.

Slight Variation of the Wall Color

Instead of remaining completely consistent in color from wall to ceiling, change up the ceiling color to make it several shades darker or lighter than the walls. This will still give that soothing space, but will add a little more depth and dimension. Going a couple shades lighter will make the room feel airier, and going a little darker will make the ceiling feel lower and more intimate.

Different Color Ceiling

Painting the ceiling a completely different color than the walls adds a unique character to the room. A bright colored ceiling with white walls presents a strong statement..

Light vs. Dark

Ceilings that are lighter than the walls make a room feel higher and more open (just like white ceilings). Darker ceilings in turn feel lower and more intimate.


The walls are not the only things you can paint to make a statement, paint the ceiling! To receive professional assistance with your residential painting projects or for more information in general, contact the experts from Noel Painting today!

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