Pastel Paint Colors

Pastel Paint Colors

Pastel Paint Colors

The season of Spring is often represented by the soft, peaceful colors of the fresh flowers that are emerging from the ground, and the buds on the bushes and trees, at this time of year. From cherry blossoms on cherry trees to color-popping blossoms on camellia bushes, and to daffodils and tulips that are easily visible just above the ground, everywhere you look, you can see soft and colorful signs of Spring all around us.

Have you ever thought about bringing the beautiful pastel colors of the outdoors, inside your home? If so, then one way that you can do this is by adding pastel paint colors throughout your home. From green to yellow to pink, purple, and blue, there are a wide variety of paint colors on the market that resemble the gorgeous colors of Spring blossoms. For some ideas, glance at the paint color ideas below. You may find a color that will look perfect on a wall, or walls, in your home, or maybe even a piece of furniture or two.

  • Misty Grey Green by Glidden: Misty Grey Green is a calm, peaceful shade of green. It will add freshness to any room within your home. It would even look eye-catching on the ceiling in a porch area or in a bedroom. This is a beautiful shade of green that blends easily with many other paint colors.
  • Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow by Valspar: Imagine the color of freshly whipped banana pudding, and you may be thinking about Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow. This shade of pastel yellow will add brightness to a bathroom, a dining room, a nursery, or many other places within your home.
  • Paris Romance Pink by Benjamin Moore: This ever-so-slightly shade of pink offers warmth and sophistication to many areas in a home. It is a blush color that adds character and style to a bedroom, bathroom, or to furniture around your home.
  • Lavender Ice by Benjamin Moore: If purple is the pastel that you want to use, then Lavender Ice is a wonderful option. It is a color that offers serenity and richness, unlike most purple pastels. It has just enough color to pop, without being an obtrusive shade of purple.
  • Peek A Blue by Behr: Peek A Blue was Behr’s Color of the Month in April 2017. It is a fresh wisp of blue-green paint that adds a clean appeal to anywhere that it is used around your home.

As with most paint colors, you will be able to find a wide variety of paint ideas at your local paint supply shop, in-home decorating magazines, or online, as well. There is a lot of variety available for pastel paint colors; that is for certain!

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