2022 Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year

Popular Purple Paint

Popular Purple Paint

Purple is a unique color that is a favorite among many people around the world. The color purple is often associated with regal events and accessories, peacefulness and calmness, and energy and enthusiasm, too. Depending on the shade of purple that is present, you will find light, delicate shades of purple that promote a whimsical atmosphere or deep, warm shades of purple that exhibit a rich, luxurious setting.

Purple is primarily a blend of red and blue. This unique color can be a spectacular color to use on your painted walls, furniture, or accessories around the house. Purple can also be an attractive exterior color of paint, too. If you have been thinking about using a purple paint color for your next paint project, then you may want to take a look at the purple paint ideas below. One of these options may be the perfect purple shade for you, or you may find that one of the options will spark a new idea for you and your home decorating plans.

The first paint we will discuss is Benjamin Moore’s French Lilac (1403). This option is a pastel purple that adds character and elegance to almost any room within a home. French Lilac looks beautiful in a living room, dining room, nursery, master bedroom, bathroom, and many other places. It is a soft color that is soothing in almost all situations. This options blends nicely with gray, white, dark purple, and many other colors.

The next option we suggest is Glidden’s Regal Purple (56RB 09/302). This option is a brilliant, almost electric shade of purple. It is described as a deep violet-purple shade of paint, and it is an unmistakably bright shade of purple. If you’re looking for an outstanding color for an accent wall, furniture, or even a door within your home, then Regal Purple may be the choice for you.

Lastly, we want to mention a dark, mysterious shade of purple paint called Rare Wine (1011-9) from the Valspar company. Rare Wine is described as a blackened purple paint. This shade is rich and moody. It is a conversation starter as you will find it is a striking color to use in many rooms around your home or as an accent color, too.

Purple paint is available in a wide array of colors, blends, and sheens from various paint companies. If you are a fan of the color purple, then you will have no difficulties finding many options from which to choose. The problem may be finding just one purple option to love for your home.


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