the understated color of teal fort myers fl

The Understated Color Of Teal

The Understated Color Of Teal

Teal is often a color that people notice, enjoy, and then sometimes forget about, especially when considering it as a paint color option for their home.  Some people may think of the teal ocean waters of the Caribbean, or maybe a bright teal throw pillow or bench seat cushion; however, when teal paint is placed on a wall of your home, it can be a fun, exuberating color, too.  

     There are many different shades of teal available on the paint market.  From very light in shade, almost feathery in appearance, to really dark in shade, you have a vast array of teal paint options from which to choose.  One of our favorites is Behr’s Vintage Teal.  This shade of teal is a nice medium shade and blends nicely into almost any room within the home.  On the teal paint palette that exhibits Vintage Teal, you will find shades that are immediately lighter or darker of this base color.

     If teal seems a bit bold for your particular fashion, you may wish to play with it a little bit, at first.  Perhaps paint an accent wall your favorite shade of teal.  Mix the accent wall with other items within the room that compliment the teal, such as black throw pillows, or a rug that blends nicely.

     If you are feeling a bit more bolden, then consider painting the entire room in teal.  You could begin with a small room, such as a laundry room or your master bedroom closet.  Teal can add a great amount of pizzazz and fun into a room that may otherwise be a bit dull and mundane.

     Teal also works nicely in a bedroom or in a playroom.  Mixed with the right décor, teal can be appropriate for either males or females, as well as for any age group, too.

     The understated color of teal definitely has a world of possibilities when it comes to decorating with it around your home.  If you haven’t used teal before, then open yourself up to some interesting ideas and look into teal paint as a new color option for you and for your surroundings.  Teal might just surprise you as one color that is intriguing, fun, and inviting, all at the same time. If you’re intrigued enough to add teal to your homes decor, contact Noel Painting to get started today!

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