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When You See These Signs You Should Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

When You See These Signs You Should Paint the Exterior Of Your Home?

Adding a new coat of paint on your house can not only add more market value to your house and improve the look of your home but also protect the underlying materials from the elements. The problem that a lot of people run into is trying to figure out when to repaint their home so we have compiled a list of the signs that you need to repaint your home.

Faded Paint

One of the first signs that you will need to add a new coat of paint is paint that is faded or ashy. Faded paint usually happens on the side that gets the most sunlight which bleaches out the color and turns it ashy. This will be followed by further damage if it is not taken care of soon. Repainting will also even out the color which gives the home a well-maintained look.

Peeling Paint

The problem with peeling paint is that it only gets worse with time and can cause damage in the underlying structure of the house by allowing moisture in. Peeling may happen near the roof first where it is difficult to see but you will notice small paint shavings on the ground around the house.

Chipped or Cracked Paint 

If you notice chipping or cracking paint on your home then you will know it is time to get your house repainted. The chips and cracks can very quickly turn into peeling and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Signs Of Rotted Wood 

As we mentioned previously, paint seals the wood and protects it against the elements. If you notice signs of rot or warping in the wood it is a sign that you need to reseal the area with a fresh coat of paint after you have repaired the rotting wood.

Water Stains On The Paint

Water stains happen when you live in an area with heavy and frequent rains and can cause the paint to look patchy and uneven. A new coat of paint can take care of this by covering up the patchiness and evening out the color.

Paint Looks Dirty And Can’t Be Washed

If your home looks dirty and you have tried pressure washing with no visible improvement that means that your home probably needs to be repainted. Paint collects pollution and dirt over multiple years and it gets imbedded so deeply that it will not be able to washed out. Repainting the home is the only way that it will look clean and fresh again.

Outdated Color

This is one of the easiest ways to know if you need a new coat of paint on your house is if it is looking outdated. This is especially if your house has not been painted recently and was painted when the color trends for houses were very different. Finding out what the new trends are and updating your house will make it much more attractive and add a lot of market value to your home.


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