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Why Safety is Important When Doing a Commercial Paint Project

Why Safety is Important When Doing a Commercial Paint Project

We at Noel Painting emphasize safety on our projects. Safety is important, if often overlooked, aspect of any painting project. Safety falls under two headings: tools and materials. Special concerns include the potential presence of children and pets.

The tools used are simple enough. Brushes, ladders, rollers, buckets are the most common. Ladders are frequent causes of injury, so they must be used with care, and we recommend the use of ladders specially designed for safety. Wearing good quality work shoes is also a good idea when using ladders. Anything used while working on a ladder can be dropped, so care should be used when someone is on a ladder nearby. Brushes and rollers are not dangerous, but if left unattended pose potential hazards to pets or children. Buckets of paint can spill. Some power tools may be used in sanding or preparing a surface, and these should be used properly including operators wearing goggles and safety gloves.

The materials used in painting include primers, paints, and sometimes other materials. These may contain potentially harmful chemicals. Fumes from some paints are potentially harmful, so adequate ventilation is important, and facemasks may be appropriate. Some materials are flammable. It is also important that after a day’s work, that materials be secured so curious children and pets won’t get into them.

Safety concerns for projects in the interior of a home differ considerably from exterior projects. Ladders are much more important in exterior painting. Uneven surfaces may affect the use of a ladder, and tools or materials dropped from a height can cause injury. Outside work faces some unpredictability because of wind and possible sudden storms.

Children and pets are special concerns. Care must be exercised to keep tools out of the hands of children. Any liquid materials are potentially toxic to children and pets, so cleanup at the end of a day or after a project completion must secure all tools and materials.

Noel Painting painters are trained in on the job safety, not just for themselves but also the safety of occupants of the homes and businesses. Safety comes first.

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