Exterior Painting Mistakes

We all want to have a good looking home both on the inside and the outside. Even though this is the case, we sometimes fail due to the painting mistakes that we make.

When you decide on taking the task into your hands instead of hiring a professional painter, you are bound to make mistakes. The paint could fail if you do not apply it correctly or when you do not prepare properly. The following are the most common exterior painting errors that you can make:

Failure to Prime Repaired Areas

Paint will not last for long when you apply it to fixed places without using an undercoat. Priming plays a huge part in ensuring that the paint sticks to the surface. You will also be providing additional protection for the surface that you are painting. When you avoid doing so, you will be significantly reducing the durability of the paint on that surface.

Replace Scraping with Power Washing

Power washing is a necessary step when so as to remove dirt, grime and large peels of old paint. It will be a big mistake when you just use power washing and fail to scrape the exterior surface. Always ensure to hand-scrape the surface before proceeding to paint. When power washing also, it is advisable that you don’t do it close to the home surface to avoid damaging the woods.

Not Fixing the Cracks

There are chances that moisture could get into those cracks. The resultant effect will be contraction and expansion of water in the cracks which will lead to peeling of the paint. Always ensure to cover the cracks before you start painting or it will be soon when you repaint again.

Not Using the Right Type of Paint or Primer

People try to save money when it comes to buying paints and primers. They opt for the model which is cheaper without finding out if it is the right one. The quality of the paint and the primer also matters if the paint you want to apply is to last for long. Not using the right type could significantly reduce the lifespan of any painting job. There is a reason as to why there are different types of paints and primers.

Applying a Single Coat of Exterior Paint

Unless the instructions say otherwise, it will be a mistake to think that one coat is plenty for the job. Most of the paints will require you to apply two coats of paints.

Even though you might want to save money and do the exterior painting all by yourself, that is the first mistake that you will have done. It will be better off to hire a professional and get the job done right. Contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting today for more information on residential painting projects!

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