How to Transform a Room by Changing Your Baseboard/Trim Color

Crown molding and trim colors can significantly impact a room. These distinguishing architectures are one of the easiest ways to enhance or transform a room.

There are many ways that you can transform a room just by using subtle changes in how you paint the trim and baseboards.  Here are a few of those ways:

Paint the Trim the Same Color as the Walls

By doing this, you create a sense of modern and the room becomes soothing in nature. This creates a seamless look throughout the room and allows you to easily cover your walls in artwork or leave them bare.

Different Finish

You can also create subtle contrasts within a room by painting the trim the same color as the walls, but changing the finish on them (more glossy, etc).

Minimal Contrast

More simple ways to create minimal contrast and change up the tone of your room include painting the ceiling a different color or painting the wall a different hue of the same color as the trim. This creates that soothing, restful look and still makes the room seamless.

Paint the Trim Darker than the Walls

This creates a crisp, modern, mellow look. The look is a lot more laid back than if the trim was a stark, bright white. It works for any style of trim.

Totally Off the Wall Colors

Who says there is a method to this madness or that you have to be traditional in how you spruce up your trim. Paint them a completely unexpected color! This can create a surprising and unique look that is also classic if you look for colors that complement each other on the color wheel and pick from those specific spectrums.

Go Black

The classic bright white is great, but black holds a more serious and elegant tone. Black is even better in an older house with a historic architecture.

Natural Wood Color

Who says you have to paint trim and molding at all? Why not just let the natural beauty of the wood shine.

Bright White

This is the classic and most common trim color default. It is crisp and adds geometry.

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