Interior Painting Tips for a Better Paint Job

Many homeowners choose to take on the task of painting their homes themselves in order to save money. However, many people dive right in without doing the proper research. As a result, they make many mistakes which lead to a ruined paint job. Before you begin your next project, consider these tips to help you complete the perfect paint job.

Combine Cans of Paint to Get a Consistent Color

If you are using the same color of paint throughout the room, you should combine all of your cans of paint into one large bucket in order to get a more consistent color across each wall.

Even though the name of the paint on the can might be the same, colors can vary slightly between cans. This can lead to noticeable borders on walls where you had to begin using a new can of paint. However, this can be avoided by mixing all of your paints together.

Begin by Painting the Trim

When professional painters begin a room, they generally start with the trim, then the ceilings, then the walls. Following this order helps make the process easier as it is much simpler to tape off the trim than it is to tape the walls.

Clean all Surfaces Before Painting

Painting over dirty or oily surfaces prevents the paint from forming a strong bond – making it more susceptible to peeling or chipping. Using a de-glosser or cleaner to clean surfaces before painting can help ensure that your paint job lasts longer and looks better.

Use Canvas Floor Covers

Using canvas floor covers rather than plastic will make completing your paint job much easier. Canvas cloths are heavier, so they don’t have to be taped down to stay in place. Additionally, when paint drops on plastic, it remains wet and can get on your shoes or clothes.


If you have any more questions or concerns regarding painting your home’s interior, feel free to contact us at Noel Painting for advice.

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