Painting Your Garage Door to Help Your Home Stand Out

The garage door is a touchy subject because homeowners often want to make their garage doors blend in with the home. A new paint color is the best way to get your desired look and help your home stand out. The garage door can be a focal point, and you have to select the right paint color for a paint job.

If you want an accurate blending of your garage door with the rest of your home, you should choose a similar color for your garage door as your home. Carefully paint the trim around your garage doors. The choice of color may depend on the style of door trim, such as if your home is made of natural brick, you should choose colors that blend well with bricks. It may be best to select the darker color of paint.

Tips to Paint Garage Door

Here are some tips that will help you to paint your garage door to help your home stand out with complementing colors:

Check the Weather

You can paint anything on the garage door of your house, but you have to consider the weather because it can affect your whole procedure. You should not paint the garage door when it is too cold or hot. Avoid painting in direct sunlight because it can spoil all your efforts. It will be good to check the weather forecast and don’t paint if it is going to rain within that period of time.

Thoroughly Clean the Door

It is essential to clean the door before painting it. If you are not interested in spending extra money, you should give a hearty scrub with the help of one soapy sponge. A grubby door can make your painting task more difficult because it will give a rough finish to your garage door. It will be good to sand off paint that is peeling so your door is completely clean.

Cover or Tape Off Particular Areas

If you don’t want paint to drop in any particular area, you can put down some drop cloths beneath the door and use painters tape to mark all the boundaries of the area that you want to paint.

Use a Roller to Prime the Whole Area

For complete areas, you can change your brush. The primer will be useful to change the color of the garage door. Primer color is good to ensure that the color of your new garage looks even and flat.

Paint Your Garage Door

You should select a paint that is made for outside use and has a primer. You should equally apply paint with one roller and try to finish one coat in a day. Light colors always require a new coat after a thoroughly drying first coat. You can remove drop clothes and tape after the garage door is completely dry.

There are many great visual benefits that come from painting your garage door. Contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting today for more information or for any other residential painting projects!

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