Which Paint Colors Improve Your Mood?

Whether you are trying to find the perfect color to paint a room or the perfect accent color for your new home, it is always a good idea to choose a “happy color”. What is a happy color? A happy color, also known as a mood-boosting color, is one that triggers feelings of happiness, contentment, and optimism in the human brain.

Warm colors are always cheerful and fill the room with warmth. These colors are those such as yellow, red, pink, and orange. However, there are non-warm colors that evoke feelings of happiness which include blue and green. These will also have a calming effect to anyone in the room.

Warm Colors

Red is the warmest color and provides all of the benefits that warm colors have to offer. However, it also is known to cause conflicting emotions. These include passion and love but also danger and anger. The color red is also known to cause a spike in appetite. This is why red is best used as an accent color as opposed to wall colors.

Like red, yellow also has all of the advantages of warm colors but is also known to increase hunger. It is associated with sunshine and evokes feelings of happiness and energy. Also like red, yellow can be very overwhelming in large amounts and should be used sparingly to brighten a room.

Muted Colors

Pink and orange are both more muted colors than red and yellow which means that they can be used in higher volumes without being too overwhelming. They can make a very dramatic statement in any room and bring warmth and comfort.

Calming Colors

Blue evokes feelings of calmness and serenity. This is the reason that many social media websites use this as the color for their logo. Painting a room a bright blue color will cause it to be a relaxing place to be. Purple is also a calming color but along with that also symbolizes wealth and creativity. Purple is perfect whether you want to use it as an accent or an all-over color.

Welcoming Color

Green is very easy on the eyes, which makes it ideal for a room’s overall color. It is meant to symbolize wealth and good health. Along with these, green also stimulates feelings of a new beginning. This is the perfect color if you want to make a happy, inspiring area in your home.

Colors play such a large part in the mood and environment of your home. They can make or break your mood and it is crucial to factor that in when you are painting or choosing colors to implement into your house. Adding some of these colors into your home can brighten up the entire place and make it an even warmer and more cheerful place to live. Contact the Ft Myers painting professionals from Noel Painting today for more information on residential painting projects!

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